Data analytics relates to the tools and techniques we use to help the process of compiling and analysing data to support decision making. This enables the advisor to build your recommendation.

Our financial planning tool kit

Our advisors have access to a suite of tools & calculators covering all aspects of financial planning. Each one enables the advisor to generate concise reports, as well as being a perfect compliance document.

The marketplace for pensions and investments is complex as there are many providers to choose from. These providers vary in terms of what they specialise in, and the features they offer within their products.

The marketplace for pensions and investments is complex, with many providers to choose from.

The providers we have chosen are the ones we believe help us to ensure our clients get the best advice.

Defaqto and SelectaPension

Defaqto, an independent financial information business and SelectaPension are market leaders in financial analytics. That is why we at Heritage made the decision to use both companies to ensure our clients get the best advice. Between Defaqto Engage and SelectaPension, we have the whole of the market covered. This combination gives Heritage assess to over 14,000 funds, whilst remaining fully independent from the providers.


CashCalc, we believe is the best software platform for financial planning firms in the UK. It allows us to generate detailed cashflow plans for our clients in a refreshingly straightforward, easy to understand and engaging format.

Please note - cashflow modelling is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 


AssureWeb is an industry leading quote and apply portal. Covering all major product providers across Protection, Annuities, Personal Pensions, Investment Bonds and Equity Release.

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